1. Acquire users

Yes of course, this is the main objective for your marketing efforts.
There are mainly 3 types of marketing: paid ads, buying installs, free/viral marketing.
Paid ads = 2-5$ CPI
Buy app installs = 0.1-3$ CPI
Free/viral = is of course the cheapest, but also the slowest and most uncertain.

But this is not the whole truth! There is something called eCPI (effective cost per install). The eCPI is actually what you should be looking at when calculating the CPI for your marketing.
You see, for every paid user acquisition, organic users will follow.
This is called “organic uplift”.

This is how Nicole Ramos, the mobile user acquisition manager at Electronic Arts, explained this phenomenon:

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An extensive analysis by Tune, shows that for every paid install, on average 1.5 organic installs will follow. Let’s say you buy 1000 paid installs. Those 1000 installs will drive an additional 1500 organic installs (on average).

This is why:
Download velocity, the rate at which an app gets downloads over a certain time period, is an important factor in the app stores ranking algorithms. Essentially, the higher your velocity, the higher your rankings.

So if you buy app installs, let’s say 1000 installs at $1CPI, the eCPI (effective cost per install) will actually be:
$1000 / 1000+1500 installs = $0,4 eCPI

increase app downloads

  1. Improve app page conversion rate

The single most critical CR (conversion rate) improver is the downloads count on your app’s page. 

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The downloads count is the most powerful social proof that shows visitors that your app is indeed worth downloading, because so many others have already downloaded it.
This is what they call a typical “catch 22” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-22_(logic) ) = you need downloads to get downloads.

No need to give up yet!
Because you can increase app downloads by buying HIGH RETENTION installs.
High retention installs will increase the downloads count on your app’s page.
With high retention installs, people who install your app, will have to keep it on their device for at least 3 days. This sends the signal to the store that your app is relevant because people don’t uninstall it right away.

So….do you want to improve your app page’s CR? Then buy app installs!

  1. Improve app store visibility

Buy app installs to improve your app’s visibility in the store.
The number of DAILY installs your app has, is the most important factor the store uses to determine how relevant/popular your app is. The more daily installs your app has, the higher it will be ranked.

There are 3 different rankings: Overall, Category and Keyword.
Overall = your app’s ranking overall amongst all apps
Category = the ranking within your app’s category
Keyword = your app’s ranking for certain keywords

Buy STANDARD installs to improve overall and category ranking. A standard install, is when people type in your app’s name in the store search, and install it.

Buy KEYWORD installs if you want your app to rank high for certain keywords. For keyword installs, people will type in your specified keyword in the store search, scroll down to find your app, and install it.

So what to make of all this?