Is there any risk of my app getting suspended for buying installs?

Not with our service! But be aware of providers selling fake installs made by machines/bots, because the app stores can easily detect them, and will suspend your app.

The installs we provide are installs by real users with real phones. Most installs providers are selling so called incetivized installs. Users using an app, gets a choice to perform a task (i.e. install an app) from a selection of apps instead of paying real money for a feature in that app. When the user chooses to install your app, he is either redirected to your app's app store page, or is prompted to search for it by the given keyword. Once he installs, you get your install, and he gets his reward.

For high retention installs, he will have to keep the app for a certain number of days, to get his reward.


Are your installs from real users?


We provide installs from real users with real phones.

People who install your app are rewarded for doing so. Its called incetivized installs.


Whats the difference between the campaign types?

INSTALLS = boosts your installs count, which results in your app ranking higher within your app category, which means your app will be seen by a massive amount of people. Being more visible = more organic installs/downloads = more users of your app.

HIGH RETENTION INSTALLS = increase the downloads count shown on your app's page in Google Play Store = all the same positive effects as standard installs + increasing the CR (conversion rate=% of app page visitors who installs the app) of your app's page. 

Having a high number of downloads is concidered to be the No.1 CR increaser. The downloads count is the first thing visitors look at when deciding whether to download your app or not. Google only increases the visible downloads count on the app page if the download/install is "relevant". Meaning the user doesn't uninstall directly.

Since the users who download/install your app are incentivized, they install it just to get a reward not because they want your app, and will uninstall it right after.

With our high retention installs, the users need to keep the app for at least 3 days to get their reward.  

KEYWORD INSTALLS = gets your app higher ranking for the chosen keywords = same benefits as standard installs + top rankings for relevant keywords that people search for to find apps like yours = massive increase in organic installs and users.


How can I check that I actually get my installs?

You will see your installs/downloads in your  Google Play Console: